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Anti Snoring Nose Clip - Magnetic Silicone Sleeping Aid


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Brand New. Magnetic Silicone Nose Clip with Protective Case.

Safe, convenient and reusable. Applicable to any shape of nostrils.

Warehouse located in Birmingham (UK).

Customer Reviews

"I didn't expect that this would work and just bought it thinking it was worth a try compared to other similar devices that were significantly more expensive. Stopped me snoring first time round - me and my partner have both slept through every night since then. We both are so happy, sleeping better and are surprisingly revitalised in the mornings too! Would highly recommend to anyone trying to stop snoring." - Ben. W
"These work well for my wife who suffers with poor breathing at night. These clever gadgets really seem to help her get a good sleep." - Les. P
"Great product, it works. Great night sleep but more importantly, my wife also slept well." - Richard. T
"This strange looking device actually works. It's priced perfectly. I was pleasantly amazed at how fast my order arrived. It was exactly as described. I am even happier that it really works! One side of my nose doesn't allow much air when I lay on my side, but this product solved my problem and is so comfortable to use." - Joe. G
"Excellent product very comfortable to wear and far better than other devices I have tried and the lady in my life says I am much quieter, star buy for me great stuff." - Barry. C
"I don't know how but it has stopped my snoring, no more sleepless nights for me and my wife. Kids are happy too." - Hassan. Q